Wednesday, 14 September 2011

6 Apps i wish the Samsung Galaxy Tab had

US Open ’11, Federer lost again! But Nadal followed suit, so I’m happy. The Djoker’s ripping serve, impossible service returns and his uncanny unpredictable on-court presence sure has made tennis forecasting even more difficult. Speaking of forecasting, far from Flushing Meadows, the number of Indian consumers surfing the TAB-loid wave has reached an all time high. Be it Apple’s beloved iPad or Samsung’s range of Tabloids and smart phones, the word ‘Android’ seems to be the most sort after product description feature. Now I for one am a hardcore indulgent Apple fan and my iTouch pretty much does the trick for me. But as the Tab revolution rallies its troops in India, it’s safe to say more and more computing giants have begun ‘Apple’-izing their toys. The features and Apps (short for Applications) that are loaded onto a Tab or smart phone, has rendered even the versatile Swiss army knife obsolete. But how cool really are Tabs? Can they tame all realms of realism? Well here are 6 Apps I wish the Samsung Galaxy tab had…(*I Photoshop'ed the pictures below myself and the modifications are original) 

1. Peek-a-Boo

Now, if James Bond has goggles that scan through clothing ‘checking for weapons’ (Yea right), imagine an app that could do it for you. Who knows you just as well might die another day.

2. Jarvis

O yea, Tony Stark aka Iron Man’s kickass artificial intelligence program that does most of the work behind the suit. Any boys dream, imagine how awesome it would be to have a similar system on your TAB, one that not only talks to you but has a gangsta attitude and a sarcastic spunk…
3. What the Fart

Like the iFart satires all over the internet how about an App that not only detects the stinky sly culprits around you, but also breaks down the contents of the wiff.

4. Autobot

Your TABs not gonna transform don’t worry; I’m not that unrealistic (but hell, what if it did). Picture this- your all cozy in the back seat of your car with your sweetheart and you just have to get somewhere. You can’t steer the car and a kiss all at once! Well, how about an App that drives your car while you take care of business (get what I mean). Your own personal Auto drive…

5. Wingman

Ahem, gentlemen, sometimes shady pickup lines back fire and you can’t always get her drunk. So let technology do it for you with an App that wings em straight toward you. For once you’ll know what she wants with the Wing-o-meter.

6. Cloudentity

Remember the last time you saw a cloud that so reminded you of something…Well, Cloudentity uses a high tech cross referencing system to narrow down those resemblances for you.

In conclusion, firstly I apologize for the rusty but original Photoshop work; it’s been a while since I used it. But just imagine a world with Apps like these. As Angry Birds replaced Monopoly, even kids today speak in ‘Tab’; The Nintendo of old is passé. The sky’s the limit for creative applications, so dare to dream and do comment with any brilliant ideas for revolutionary Apps. I’d love to hear them …;)

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