Saturday, 31 December 2011

a Curtain Call

Compliments of the season! Been a while it has. For me, December was by far the most fun month this year. From a fancy pair of Bose head phones for my 20th (thanks mum) to grooving some sick beats at an otherwise boring C’mas eve midnight mass and the one thing I’ve prayed for all year long- bringing in Christmas with a certain special someone. Secret Santas did their bit to spread the cheer and brandy sales did reach an all time high all through last week and I would faithfully tune into Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen and drown in the festive vibe of the deco, food and well, it’s Nigella (lol)!

But as 2011 draws to a close and as the world reminisces each month gone by, the fondest memory I will take with me is the day I started ‘Turn Her n Smooch’. I am not much of a well pruned writer, no journalism nerd, hell I hate to read… but venting my thoughts out here is by far the best thing that happened this year coz this blog is the one place I can be me without being someone else. I want to thank each and every reader who has ever read through my blog, right from the first to the latest. My apologies if my stuff wasn’t good enough, but I appreciate the fact that you took the trouble to browse through, but I promise I’ll get better. Thanks for all the critiques and comments in the past five months…meant a lot.

Have a kick arse New Year’s Eve and have a great 2012! Happy New Year!

Thanks a ton,

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